• About Us

    We are RAM Rail | advanced maintenance, established since 2011, our target is to provide the excellence of rail maintenance services in the Middle East and become the largest rail maintenance provider in the whole region ! Thanks for giving us the opportunity in advance !

  • History

    20 years of perfect performance without a single incident !

  • mission


    deliver a fast high quality rail road maintenance service on a real short notice for the Middle East region ! Including but not limited to rail road grinding from tram, metro, industrial rails and port cranes! Rail road lubrication services, products and devices with high end technologies solar and mechanical!

  • Why Us

    What we do

    we design, perform and deliver a high end quality maintenance for the rail road industries and ports crane industry.

  • Why Us

    Why Us

    with over 20 years of experience and more to go we deliver what we promise in less time with over expected quality!

Our Services

Railways fasteners

The SHOCKFAST rail fastening SF-VR15 is a special solution developed for the public transport, facilitating cost-effective fastening of flat bottom rails ...

Rail lubrication

Our reputation for developing high performance rail lubricants, friction modifiers and rail lubrication.

Trains locomotives

Our routine/normal maintenance required to keep this locomotive running on its daily schedule


The Rail Grinding

For being able to flexibly master variable requirements in various fields of application, L&S offers grinding technology in different type series. The variety of our innovative machine concepts assures a machining of a large range of rails, amongst others grooved rails, UIC rails and crane rails. All machines of these series are equipped with fully automatic control systems which guarantee excellent grinding results in the qualitative and quantitative respect.

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